The Working ROV has been upgraded and developed over the last 10 Years and is a capable of most underwater tasks that the Diver has been performing now and in the past, all it takes its a bit of ROV friendly engineering. The basic designs are modular work vehicles which can accept different "Work" modules. The work modules are expected to be designed and fitted by the ROV Operating Companies, Usually these work modules are developed around a Customers Specification for different Underwater work tasks such as Construction, Non destructive testing, Salvage and Diver support.


Work ROV's can be fitted with several different Water suction dredging modules, a typical soil removal rate of 10 cubic meters an hour can be achieved. The Rov provides the tool with Hydraulic power and Suction Nozzle control.

Some dredging work packages are actually surface powered in this case the ROV only handles the Suction Hose and debris hose control.

Companies Operating and Supplying the Equipment