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The Working ROV has been upgraded and developed over the last 10 Years and is a capable of most underwater tasks that the Diver has been performing now and in the past, all it takes its a bit of ROV friendly engineering. The basic designs are modular work vehicles which can accept different "Work" modules. The work modules are expected to be designed and fitted by the ROV Operating Companies, Usually these work modules are developed around a Customers Specification for different Underwater work tasks such as Construction, Non destructive testing, Salvage and Diver support.

Hydraulic Cutters

All Work ROV's can carry different kinds of Hydraulic Cutters, the Cutters range from rotary to Shear Cutting devices. A typical task for an ROV is to Cut down lines during and after construction work under water. The choice of cutter depends on the type and access to the work piece due to be cut.

Generally the rotary kind of cutter is more versatile since it can be used to cut any shape materials including ordinary Wire rope.

There are some very specialised cutters that the ROV basically only carry to the work site like a diver would, these cutters are large steel cutting cutters that can cut steel to almost any thickness and size due to all the different jigs that can be provided. Typically it is not inconceivable that the Cutting tool the ROV uses can cut through a Platform leg with a diameter of several meters.

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