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The Working ROV has been upgraded and developed over the last 10 Years and is a capable of most underwater tasks that the Diver has been performing now and in the past, all it takes its a bit of ROV friendly engineering. The basic designs are modular work vehicles which can accept different "Work" modules. The work modules are expected to be designed and fitted by the ROV Operating Companies, Usually these work modules are developed around a Customers Specification for different Underwater work tasks such as Construction, Non destructive testing, Salvage and Diver support.

Cathodic Protection, Ultrasonic, Radioactive Source, Magnet Particle, NDT Equipment

Work ROV's can carry most NDT equipment, the trick is usually to either adapt Diver NDT tooling for ROV use or Marinise Existing Surface used NDT Equipment. The second consideration is does the equipment is Power, Size, Telemetry system and Access to the work site.

The ROV has shown on numerous occasions that the ROV can perform inspection tasks as well if not better than Divers. The ROV has no limit to bottom time and the Engineer on the Surface conducting the Test can guide the ROV and the sensors in a manner he prefers without the interpretation of commands as you inevitable find when a diver performs a task underwater. ( NDT Engineer - Dive Supervisor - Diver ) Since many of the NDT tasks include to Humans ( Divers ) harmful substances and Radiation this is a task that can be made much safer by using ROV's

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