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The Working ROV has been upgraded and developed over the last 10 Years and is a capable of most underwater tasks that the Diver has been performing now and in the past, all it takes its a bit of ROV friendly engineering. The basic designs are modular work vehicles which can accept different "Work" modules. The work modules are expected to be designed and fitted by the ROV Operating Companies, Usually these work modules are developed around a Customers Specification for different Underwater work tasks such as Construction, Non destructive testing, Salvage and Diver support.

Water Jet Cleaning

The largest Water Jet work package to date operated by an ROV was for the Challenger ROV the work package weighed 1000 Kg , this was designed and operated by Sonat Subsea Services in Australia during 1986 to 1989. The workpackage consisted of the following major components.

Hydraulic power module ( 50 Hydraulic Horse Powers )

Water Jetting module, Admac 13 to 1 Water intensifier with a water pressure of 36,000 PSI

A.A.D. Articulated Attachment Devices, The A.A.D's were suction devices that help to attach the ROV through suction onto the work site. This method of attachment is now the norm in all major Platform cleaning and inspection contracts.

Companies Operating and Supplying the Equipment

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