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Control Console

The Control Console is needed to house several important pieces of surface equipment such as:

  • TV Monitor for visual feedback from the ROV
  • Electronic status display, Power systems, ground fault, Computer control, Etc…
  • Power supply to the surface and subsea equipment
  • Portable storage and handling of the ROV Surface console
  • Protection for the above.

TV Monitor,

This has to be of a quality so that it reproduces the Video relayed back from the ROV as true to life as possible. The monitor should as well be suitable for use in humid environments and have the following other features:

  • Video Input from external source ( VCR)
  • Video Output to external Source (VCR)
  • Colour , Contrast and Brightness control
  • Portability, typically a 9" to 14 " monitor would be required

Electronic status display,

  • The Electronic Status Display is needed to monitor all the subsystems operated in the ROV and the Surface unit.
  • The electronic Status display could consist of a few indicators and dials on the front of the Control console or a Video overlay displaying the ROV data, in some cases two monitors would be required one for the Video and one for the Computer control display.

Power supply

  • The power supply in the control console should be suitable to supply power to the Surface unit and it's components as well as the ROV, The power to the ROV would be the most taxing in considering the size of transformer used.

Portable storage and handling

  • The Control console should also protect the equipment during handling and operations.

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