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Underwater Video

The Underwater Video Camera can be anything from a small home movie camera to an specialist underwater video camera, I thought we could fit the camera inside the Underwater Housing with an Acrylic or other clear material at the end of the housing to allow the camera a view to the outside. The problems we will get with this would be the following.

  • Limited angle of view, due to the lenses normally supplied with home video cameras.
  • Distortion due to the Viewing port material and thickness
  • Do we need to tilt the camera or lens to get a wider angle of view?
  • Size of camera used, do we need to remove the outer housing and video tape facility?

Note ! the size of the camera is decided by the size of the Underwater housing for the ROV, one alternative to this is to have the Underwater housing for the ROV separate from the Camera inside it's own housing.

The problems with this is that we then need more electrical connections and penetrations between the "NOW" two underwater housings.

I think to source a small and cheap camera is essential.

Any suggestions anyone?

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