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Control umbilical

The Control umbilical perform a few functions it is therefore quite important that the umbilical chosen will be of suitable construction for the ROV project.

The following is a minimum required to operate the most basic of ROV's (in my mind)

  • Twisted shielded wires ( Telemetry, Video )
  • Fibre Optics ( Telemetry, video )
  • Power conductors
  • Earth & shield
  • Strength member
  • Outer mechanical protection

The design of an umbilical for an ROV has to take into consideration that it has to be hard wearing, electrically sound and easy to repair.

The Electrical suitability depends on your ROV design needs Power and Signal

In our case of building an ROV I feel that we have to make our own umbilical using materials that are easy to obtain from general domestic hardware suppliers.

On example I have seen was an ROV umbilical made of plastic hose with all the relevant electrical conductors inside.

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