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The Work ROV criteria is normally that it is a large Vehicle that can be fitted out with heavy duty Manipulators and Hydraulic tooling and sophisticated electronic sensors.

The Work ROV has developed from low powered electrical and hydraulically powered vehicles (typical 10 HP max) to today's Work ROV's with up to 200 Hp available for thrust and tooling.

The Work ROV's has developed slowly to now very reliable vehicles that can operate for short and long duration's underwater without needing to return to the surface for maintenance or retooling.

The Work ROV has been pushed to the forefront of technology mainly because the Underwater Industry has seen a need to replace or at least have a backup to the Deep-sea Diver, safety for man in the water is coming more and more into play and the ROV is seen as a good alternative were the Underwater conditions are hazardous in any way or were a Deep-sea Diver might endanger his life performing an Underwater Operation.

Some Underwater Tasks are more suitable for a Working ROV than a Deep-sea Diver due to the mobility and ease of deployment and speed of Underwater Surveys.

The Price Range of the Working ROV systems range from $ 500,000 to $ 5,000,000

This list is as complete as I can make it with the information I have today.


  • SCORPIO, Amatek Straza
  • RCV 150, Hydro Products
  • DEMON, Hydrovision Ltd.
  • DIABLO, Hydrovision Ltd.
  • RECON I, Perry Offshore
  • RECON IV, Perry Offshore
  • PIONEER, Subsea International
  • SUPER SCORPIO, Amatek Straza
  • STEALTH ROV, Hitec Subsea
  • CHALLENGER, Perry Offshore / Sonat Underwater Services
  • TRITON, Perry Offshore
  • VIPER, Perry Tritech Inc.
  • Trojan ROV, Slingsby Engineering
  • SCORPION, Perry Tritech Inc.
  • MRV, Slingsby Engineering
  • TRITON XL, Perry Tritech Inc.
  • MAGELLAN, Oceaneering International
  • TRITON MRV, PerrySlingsby Systems
  • TRITON SP, PerrySlingsby Systems
  • TRITONZX, PerrySlingsby Systems
  • VENOM, Hydrovision Limited

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