Control Systems

The Control System controls the different functions of the ROV, from controlling the Propulsion System to switching on a Video Camera.
From fairly simple relay Control Systems in the past to today's ROV, the ROV has usually a Computer as it's Brains and Subsystem control interface, the Control System has to manage the Control input from the Operator at the Surface into actions Subsea. The data required by the Operator on the Surface to accurately determine his position in the water is collected by sensors and subsequently transmitted back to the Operator at the Surface.
Over the last 10 to 15 years the Computers utilised for these purposes have been Designer Computers with highly sophisticated Computer Programs and Control sequences, now today you can find standard 486 Computers in the heart of these system. There has been a shift back to simpler Control Systems recently with the commercial advent of the PLC, Programmable Logic Computer.
This is used in numerous Manufacturing processes since it consists of easily assembled modular building blocks of Switches, Analogue In / Out puts and Digital In / Out puts.
What the designers of the ROV Control Systems has tried to achieve has been to increase the reliability and serviceability of the ROV equipment.

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