The ROV Crew

The ROV crew Generally consists of a Supervisor, Pilot and a Co-Pilot / Manipulator operator. The crew is usually made up of personnel with different technical backgrounds such as Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulic. There is no definitive training available for budding ROV Crew , there are some ROV training schools around but these are not formally recognised as official training facilities by the ROV operations .
I believe that training in the operation and maintenance of ROV's is one of the most important areas of improvement in the performance of the ROV Crew. If the Crew has a good basic understanding of the Operation and maintenance of ROV's the actual operation at hand will go much smoother and trouble free. Unfortunately in general is not a priority to the ROV operating companies at this present time .
The responsibilities of the different crew is as follows:
ROV Supervisor
The ROV Supervisor discuss with the customer making sure the ROV Crew know the job at hand, he also makes sure that the operational conditions are right for the deployment of the Rov such as :
Wind, Waves and Currents.
The ROV Supervisor is ultimately responsible for the safety of the ROV Crew and the ROV equipment.
The following tasks are expected to be performed by the ROV Supervisor:
ROV Pilot / Co-Pilot
The Pilot and Co-Pilot are expected to perform several different tasks such as the following:


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