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ROV's a General Discussion


The ROV can be seen fleetingly in different news clips and the odd disaster films, the general population does not know what an ROV is. I remember when I came back home to Sweden from my first year working offshore with ROV's none of my friends knew what an ROV was or let alone what it could do. The best way I could describe it was to say that it was a remotely controlled Submarine. Today 18 years later the situation is basically the same, it's a shame since the ROV is such a useful tool. The ROV has over the last 10 years made very strong inroads into the traditional Divers areas of work.
Norway is the country in the forefront displacing the Diver from his traditional role to having ROV's perform all the underwater tasks required for subsea installations, operations and maintenance.
The projects performed by ROV's and planned for the future would never have been dreamed of more than ten years ago, ROV's are now reliable and adaptable to the new underwater technology planned by the major Oil companies of the world.
ROV's can basically do any task Underwater as long as the engineers has taken into consideration all the mechanical moments of an underwater task.
The tools are everything for an ROV with the sky is the limit. (pardon the pun)
ROV's are here to stay the world will see more and more ROV's for all sorts of underwater task s from environmental monitoring to recovering gold and diamonds from the oceanfloor. The subject of the ROV interest a great deal of people but unfortunately there is a severe lack of literature on the subject. I am trying to knit together a cohesive document in my WWW pages so anybody can have information about ROV's at their fingertips.
My wife think I am crazy doing this but it is my profession and my hobby all at the same time, I am luck to enjoy my daily work day In writing these pages I am hoping to interest a few more people in ROV's and possibly help somebody to get a job in the very interesting field of ROV operations.
Enjoy the read.


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