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The frame of the ROV provides a firm platform for the fixing of the necessary Mechanical, Electrical, Propulsion components including Special Tooling such as Sonar's, Cameras, Lighting, Manipulators, Scientific Sensor and Sampling Equipment. ROV frames have been made by lots of different materials from Plastic composites to Aluminium tubing, in general the materials used are chosen to give the maximum strength with the minimum weight, since weight has to be offset with Buoyancy this is very critical.
The ROV frame has also to comply with international regulations concerning load and lift path strength. in general the local regulations has to be investigated before you start to design an ROV frame for use with an ROV. Typically in the UK North Sea a Load factor of three (3) is used in the design and load testing of the frame .
The ROV frame can be anything from a frame measuring .5 m x .5 m to 6 m x 6 m, basically there is no given size for the ROV frame, the size of the frame is dependent on the following criteria.
  • Weight of the complete ROV unit in air
  • Volume of the onboard equipment
  • Volume of the Sensors and Tooling
  • Volume of the Buoyancy
  • Load bearing criteria of the frame


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